A Scarf out of a Skirt!

An infinity scarf I love infinitely!

Fighting Cervical Spondilosys has not been easy. In November it meant I could not get out of the bed without Willie supporting my neck, not being able to go to work without calling in sick every other day and not being able to even lift a spoon. But now it means I can’t work by a sewing machine or my study desk for more than an hour. Exercise seems the only consistent event for which I am waking up to every morning, with results I’m very pleased about- at least for now. I can finally live with my neck and shoulders. My search for the right job has not ended yet but I trust that God has great plans for me. I did a 20 minute HIIT training last evening that has kept my adrenaline levels high through the night. But sometimes good things happen when you’re tossing and turning in your bed at 3 AM. I decided not to give up writing my blog.  I am also learning that it is taking me a lot of courage to write a blog and then hit the publish button.

How I love things I can make in under 30 minutes right now. Making scarfs has given me a great sense of accomplishment. My obsession for scarfs could be due to the underlying need to keep my neck warm enough to beat the stiffness.

This one took me less than 15 minutes. This poor skirt lay in the wardrobe untouched for the last 6 years and it asked to be re-made.

All I have done is cut across the elastic panel and half of the skirt. I’ve preserved the top half right below the elastic for future use. The bottom half is now transformed into an infinity scarf. The Idea belongs to a blog I hopped upon while trying figure out ideas for refashioning my clothes. http://www.sisterssuitcaseblog.com/5-friday-skirt-to-scarf/


I had to cut out the lace trimming that held the gathering to widen the scarf at least almost evenly on both the sides. The trimming along the middle didn’t make a difference to the finish so I let that be.


For the finishing I only had to double fold seam along the raw edge and there it was! I wore it with my warm clothes during my trip to Ooty. It served as a great accent for my burgundy sweater. The fabric is cotton so it can’t be trusted for colder days but the weather was around 19c so I didn’t regret carrying a warmer scarf for the day. I haven’t felt healthier in months.

This was taken at Mont Auben, Ooty.


Willie, my husband always takes great pictures of me.  I wouldn’t have them any other way. I would hate posting selfies for this blog! I don’t think  I would ever have to.





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