Make your own fabulous scarf !

Sewing skills empower you with an ability to dictate your wallet and your wardrobe.

If you are a beginner with basic sewing skills, you will realise that you can create your own fashion accessories at very low cost.

You may have clothes you no longer wear and want to give away. I regularly give away clothes that are in good condition and need no repairs. But there may be pieces with minor damage and you just don’t feel right about donating something you yourself wouldn’t like handed down, neither can you throw them away. That’s when you up-cycle your clothes.

A few weeks ago I decided to purge myself of junk from my wardrobe because there was simply no space. It was a very satisfying experience. What I found were a couple of pretty old kurtas, a skirt I never ever wore ever  and a few old dupattas. I turned all of them into scarves, and with very little wastage!!! I even found an Anarkali salwar kameez which i turned into a skirt.( I will share the tutorial in my subsequent blogs) I really loved the outcome!

So this is how i turned a satin kurta into a scarf. I hated to throw this away because I like the print so much though i didn’t fit in it anymore.

So here’s what you can do. This is a kurta 36 inches long. (If your kurta is shorter, it’s ok, I’m going to show you ways to  to lengthen it). Fold the Kurta in half and trim along the seamline.


Spread out the kurta so that the front and the back are separated. Cut horizontally, as close to the neckline as possible.


Do the same for back although you may arrive at a longer length if your kurta has a collar like mine does.


Lay both the vertically folded pieces on top of each other and trim the sides to get a perfect rectangle.


Now get equal lengths of fabric, do not discard the excess from the back part. You can see that I just added it to the ends with a lacy fabric in between(The lace fabric was part of my scrap box). Don’t let anything limit your creativity.


The next step is to flat fell seam each of the pieces. if you find that your fabric is unruly baste it by hand first or pin them together. To create this seam, lay the pieces right sides facing together. The lace on the top is placed at about 1/4th inch away from the satin. Sew with 1/2 inch seam allowance. Iron the seam so your fabric behaves. Spread the fabrics out and fold the allowance over the lace. Pin to secure the fold. Remove the pins as you sew every inch.   Iron once you’re done.

20170525_1019321.jpg  20170525_1029331.jpg

Once you get the pieces joined, trim the frayed threads and check for uniformity of width. just double fold to 1/8th inch and seam the edges. 20170525_1112321.jpg

Alternatively you can also hem the edges by hand. Hand hemmed scarves look even neater but I had so many scarves to finish that I found machine sewing less time consuming.


The effort is so worth the reward. I loved reusing my sister’s gift and now I can treasure it longer. I’m sure you have clothes in your wardrobe you just can’t trash. Just re-invent them into a fashion accessory and you’ll discover how proud you will feel of yourself!! This kurta hung over in my brain for two days before I decided what I wanted to do with it. So don’t be in a hurry, neither let it sit in your scrap box forever.


I will post pictures of at least four of my new handmade scarves next week with tips on finishing.  Do tell me if you found my up-cycling idea inspiring at all. If you have better ideas, please do share.













Hello Everyone!

I’m Shree and I live in Mysore, India. Though I’m an English trainer by profession, I could never give up sewing and handicraft, or rather, it didn’t give up on me. When I got my diploma in fashion designing in 2002, little did I imagine that I would take it as far as starting a blog about it, because I really loathed sewing back then. In the last 9 years I’ve trained over 50 women from underprivileged families in sewing and helped them generate small scale income for themselves through a social work initiative along with my sister, Suchitra. I believe God gave me this skill for a purpose.

I’m 35 now and I don’t just want to work a job. I decided to start this blog because I believe there’s much I can contribute to the online sewing community and there’s much I want to learn.  I feel it is time I pursue something I deeply care about. Creating things with hands gives me a lot of joy. Sewing is my passion and I really enjoy teaching it to others. Actually I find it so therapeutic.

I started this blog to help people with some or no experience sewing on machine or by hand. I believe in upcycling/recycling and I plan to include many projects that help save a lot of money. Isn’t that why we create our own precious mini and mighty masterpieces? My posts will include sewing for your home and dress making. I also plan to add hand embroidery lessons. This blog is for those who don’t have a lot of time or patience but would like to pursue a serious hobby. I’ve learnt that sewing is all about perseverance. It continues to challenge my skills and bring out the best in me.

I’m open to guest blogging if you want to post useful content on my blog and I’d welcome the opportunity to write on your blog too.

My first sewing blog will be about scarves. That’s because I love them so much and hate spending on them. I’m going to show you some easy ways to create your own.

Your comments, suggestions and feedback are welcome. This is my first ever blog and I have much to learn. I’m so excited!SREE WALLPAPER